Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Genesis 3 and Death

God had told Adam and Eve, ". . . in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Genesis 2:17.

In chapter three, they ate. Did they die, or not?

If they died, it was between verse 6 and verse 7.

There appears to be a major issue: The Veracity of God.

If they didn't die, then God lied. If they did die, then why are they alive in verse 7?

I told Dr. van Groningen my theory twenty years ago, but he told me that nobody has ever written that, so it must not be correct. I still think there is a way to understand this death sentence that allows God to be truthful.

The clue is in the beginning of verse 7. "Their eyes were opened . . . ." There is mention of their eating the fruit, then, there is a full stop, and then, their eyes are opened.

In the gap between the period at the end of verse 6 and the capital letter at the beginning of verse 7, something happened.

I believe that Adam and Eve surely died. I believe it, because it confirms God's threat in chapter 2 verse 17. I believe it, because verse 7 starts by saying their eyes were opened. Why would they need their eyes to be opened (note passive voice) if they had not been closed (in death)?

God remains truthful and just. Adam and Eve died. But God was also gracious and gave them new life. Right there, between verse 6 and verse 7!

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