Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Using Jott.com

This is a wonderful thing using Jott.com. You can talk directly into your telephone and as long as you keep you thoughts coherent and in order so that your words keep flowing, you can dictate a blog right from your telephone into your blog page. Isn't technology wonderful?

The above message was dictated via Jott. Unfortunately, Jott has discontinued its free services and is not priced competitively for me. I prefer to use reQall.com.

Purpose in Life.

Today I was thinking about those things that make me into a better person, helpful of other people. I think if a person helps other people enough, he will either forget about being self-centered (e.g., asking who he is and what his life purpose is) because he's been doing something for others, or else he'll see how much better off he is than everybody he's trying to help, and his stated task (life purpose) is starting to take care of itself.