Thursday, January 28, 2010

Race and Grace

Response to: It's More About Grace Than Race

Richard Doster, Issue Number 26, January 2010

I am white. For awhile, concerned with the need for diversity in the church, I asked, "How can we get Blacks to come to our church?" Then one day, it hit me. If I was truly concerned about diversity in Christ's church (not "our" church), then I would have to be the instrument of change, not just wishfully think about getting others to come to us. So I went to a so-called "Black church." Voila! Instant diversity. Added benefit: I learned something of what it really feels like to be a minority. I also learned about the richness of the music and other traditions in "my" new church. Secular life is now integrated. We, Black and White, in the church, are willfully segregated. It is not forced on us. I don't think Jesus is pleased with us.