Monday, August 31, 2009

Praise the Lord for Cancer Freedom

It has been ten years since my prostate cancer diagnosis. At that time, I was given the following options: surgical removal, radiological burning by beams or by radioactive pellets, castration (physical or chemical), or "watchful waiting."
One urologist indicated I wouldn't make it six years if I didn't follow his recommendations.
But I read my Bible and came to the conclusion that I would rather be in the hand of God than of men, and determined to trust God and learn all I could do to be consistent with trusting Him.
That meant that prayer, mine and everybody I could get to pray with me, was the first line of treatment.
After several months of research and being on Internet groups, I found the following fact: No matter what treatment plan people take, the average survival time is ten years. The major difference in treatment modalities was not the treatment, per se, but the side effects of the treatment.
The treatment with the best side effect profile was doing nothing.
I thank God for my ten years and look forward to the next twenty!